Ferenc Nádasdy II(1555-1604)


Ferenc Nádasdy, Count of Nadasd (Oct. 6, 1555-Jan 4, 1604). Erzsébet had been engaged to Ferenc since 1571 (when she was 11 and he was 17). They married in 1573. Ferenc, known as "The Black Lord" and a feared warrior, was rarely at home. And when he returned from battle, didn't care to "be burdened" about any of Erzsébet's sadistic activities. "Indeed, it was Ferenc, who had always been afraid of Erzsébet. He adored his wife's beauty, but feared her young vampire pallor." - Valentine Penrose. In 1604, he died of an undisclosed illness at the age of 49. [Ed. note: other sources state that the age difference betwen them was 11 years instead of 5-6; also, other state that the count died in 1600 at age 51 and was killed in battle]



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