Lucrezia Borgia (or "Lucrecia Borgia") (April 14 or April 18, 1480 - June 24, 1519)




-her first husband was Don Gasparo of Procida and Aversa; they got married on 30 April 1491, annulment of the marriage in 1492
-her second husband was Giovanni Sforza (1466-1510), Lord of Pesaro; they were married on 12 June 1493; annulment of the marriage on 20 December 1497
-her third husband was Alfonso of Aragon (1481-1500; murdered), an illegitimate son of King Alfonso II. of Naples; they were married on 21 July 1498
-her fourth husband was Alfonso d'Este (1476-1534), Duke of Ferrara; they were married on 2 February 1502


-a daughter (stillbirth) on 5 September 1502
-her son Alessandro, born on 19 September 1505, died on 14 October 1505
-her son Ercole II., born on 4 April 1508, died in 1559, he became the next Duke of Ferrara
-her son Ippolito, born on 25 August 1509, died in 1572, he became Cardinal
-her son Alessandro, born in April 1514, died in 1516
-her daughter Leonora, born on 4 July 1515, died in June 1575; she spent her life as nun in the convent of Corpus Domini
-her son Francesco, born on 1 November 1516, died in 1578; he bore the title Margrave of Massalombardo in later life
h-er daughter Isabella Maria, born and died on 14 June 1519

Pinacoteca Ambrosiana(MILANO)





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