ヘカテ、 (ヘカテー ‘Εκ?τη)


夜と魔術の女神としてアルテミスやセレネなどと同一視され、 また妖怪変化の女王として黒魔術の本尊ともされ、中世に至るまで密かに崇拝された。
In Greek mythology, Hecate (Greek Ἑκάτη Hek?t?) (Roman equivalent: Trivia "of the three ways") was the goddess of witchcraft and sorcery, as well as crossroads. She has been appropriated by Wicca and other modern magic-practising religions.
She was usually portrayed as having three heads: one dog, one snake and one horse. She also had two ghostly dogs as servants by her side.
Hecate haunted three-way crossroads, where each of her heads faced different directions. She appeared when the "ebony moon" (new moon) shined.


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